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Google’s strongest security feature has been released

by Unallocated Author

It’s normal to be feeling a little worried about online security these days, with many reports of new ransomware, password stealing, organizations breaches and Wi-Fi vulnerabilities (called KRACK). It is really great to be paranoid when it comes to online security.

Google has launched the advanced Protection Program, which provides Google’s strongest security, the program created for those who are at a high risk of attack and are ready to trade off a bit of ease for more security of their personal Google Accounts.

According to Google:
“We took this unusual step because there is an overlooked minority of our users that are at particularly high risk of targeted online attacks”

“For example, these might be campaign staffers preparing for an upcoming election, journalists who need to protect the confidentiality of their sources, or people in abusive relationships seeking safety.”

The program concentrates on three important fields. First, it uses a physical security key to assist users getting security against phishing websites. Second, it restricts third-party access to your Google emails and files. Third, it prevents fraudulent account access, the goal is to prevent attackers from acting to be you. It does this by using physical security keys on top of your usual username and password sign-in.

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