Know Your Software: 2017’s Top Software Picks for Cyber Security

It doesn’t matter how much or how little time you spend on the internet, every computer and internet enabled device should have anti-virus security software installed. Not just any software either, you need software that offers every bit of protection available to ensure you are safely spending time online.

According to PC Mag, a highly reputable tech information and review magazine, not all cyber security programs are the same. Some stand out from the rest and for good reason. Norton Security Premium 2017 is your best choice and made “Editor’s Choice” for the year. The price is very affordable and the features offered are everything you need and more.

It includes firewall protection, anti-spam abilities, parental control settings, PC tune-up tools and a backup feature to protect those precious files of yours. No other anti-virus software offers all of those same features in a single program. It seems their next pick for “Editor’s Choice” was Bitdefender Total Security. This software offers everything that Norton Security Premium 2017 offers except it doesn’t have any backup abilities.

Bitdefender Internet Security also made “Editor’s Choice” but only offers anti-spam, firewall protection and parental controls but no backup or tune-up features. The last pick for “Editor’s Choice” was Kaspersky Internet Security, which offers the same features Bitdefender Internet Security has.

However, it isn’t quite clear why Kaspersky anything made it on this list in light of the software making headlines in recent news for some more than questionable behavior involving breaches in their own coding.

Even the U.S. government has banned any Kaspersky software from being used on sensitive government computers and devices. Overall, Norton Security Premium 2017 will be your best pick for the year not only for it’s features but also for it’s inexpensive $49.49 price tag.

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