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You will get 6 Months of Free Netflix if you buy a chromebook from Google

by Harikrishna Mekala

Note that you can apply this cumulative value to a different Netflix plan, to completely get a discount on a more costly subscription, should you wish.

As these devices are automatically kept up to date, the Chromebook buyers also do not have to worry about connecting the latest virus protection.If you lately purchased a Chromebook Pro/Plus or a Pixelbook, head to google.com/chromebook/offers on that organization and redeem the offer before December 31st.

Fancy guarding a spot of Netflix on your Chromebook?

Google always tries to make its consumers happy by giving gifts and offers as Google done earlier by giving Google Play Credit to all its Chromecast users. During that time, buyers can gain access to free Netflix streaming for a full six periods.

Normally, that plan runs $10.99 a month, so this deal is worth about $66. This precise plan includes unlimited streaming on up to two screens concurrently, but only at high definition.

The offer is available to a few of recent Chromebooks.

If you are maintaining both Chromebook and Chromecast, then you might be the favorable one as you might have deserved your free Google Play Credit offered by Google a few days back and now you can get your Netflix six months subscription for free.

If you own a Google Pixelbook, Samsung Chromebook Pro or Plus, you are labeled to six months of free Netflix service.

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