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Telegram was removed from Apple’s App Store

by Harikrishna Mekala

Inappropriate content like child pornography being transferred via Telegram’s mobile apps. The Telegram apps were taken down off the App Store because the App Store organization was informed to illegal content, especially child pornography, in the apps,” Schiller wrote to the user. “After establishing the existence of the illegal content, the team took the apps down from the store, alerted the developer, and informed the proper authorities, including the NCMEC (National Center for Missing and Exploited Children).

Distribution of child pornography is one of the most serious offenses on the web, and both the users and programs involved in the act are often held effective in various capacities to prevent such images and videos from being transferred and from being allowed to create in any way whatsoever on the internet. Nearly every social network and large tech platform on the world uses a wide variety of digital protections to prevent child pornography from being posted and to detect it directly upon its distribution. That’s done through the use of databases compiled by federal law enforcement and hashing technology to detect and track files as they move beyond networks.

Telegram, however, seems to have not been quite as fixed in this case, prompting Apple to take the entire app down while the messaging company figured out how to remedy the situation. “We were informed by Apple that improper content was made available to our users and both apps were taken off the App Store,” Telegram CEO Pavel Durov said in an announcement last week. “Once we have protections in place we expect the apps to be back in the App Store.” In took roughly one day for Telegram and Telegram X to revert to the App Store.

The business has had similar issues in the past concerning terrorism, and it’s been harshly scrutinized by governments for failing to grapple with how criminals use its end-to-end encrypted chat features. After Indonesia endangered to ban the app in July of last year over ISIS propaganda, Telegram organized a special team to moderate content in the country.

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