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VPN services that protect your privacy online in 2018

by Harikrishna Mekala

In the contrast of growing internet surveillance, the use of VPN services has seen a quite a growth so here is a list of VPN services that TorrentFreak has compiled that are proven to protect user’s privacy. Most VPN services log the Data of their customer’s activities online which is used to identify specific people in their systems for advertising and marketing.

It is better to note that all VPN services do not provide enough privacy to the consumers and not all algorithms provide the best encryption, It is said PPTP is vulnerable and shared keys are also carries a risk so it is better to choose a VPN service that follows good security practices.


According to the company Private Internet Access, they are stating that they don’t store any internet logs relating to traffic, user sessions, IP address, and Timestamps. The company’s branches are located in London, US, and Iceland who don’t have a mandatory data retention policy


The Company is registered in Tefincom co S.A and operates under the jurisdiction of Panama, They have developed an automated tool that limits the max connections to 6 devices in a sessions apart from that they use Google Analytics for user retention and Zen Desk as Tickets platform. The Zero-log policy of their company prevents them from logging any data of the customers.


Express VPN is established in The British Virgin Islands under BVI jurisdiction which mainly focuses on people’s privacy as the BVI follows no data retention laws and is also a not part of a 14 Eyes intelligence sharing agreements. The company has safeguards from legal overreach. They use Zendesk for support and ticket handling.


The Company says that No Log data will be retained that would allow the agencies to track the user back. Once the user’s sessions are terminated the entire data of the session is deleted from the company’s database. The Company operates under PrivActually Ltd which is in Cyprus. They also provide BitTorrent and File-Sharing Traffic.


The Company is owned by VPN Networks LLC under the US jurisdiction which is based in Nevis. The company uses highly customized scripts to monitor networks and anonymized Google Analytics data to optimize their website. They also use SendGrid Email service for Transactional Email.

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Source: TorrentFreak

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