New Cyber Security Export Strategy Launched By Government.

The government has launched a new strategy for British cyber security firms aiming at the easy selling of products and services overseas. International Trade Secretary Liam Fox revealed that the strategy intends at promotion and strength of the UK’s defense capabilities.

The strategy will bid to obstruct escalation of cyber attacks against businesses in the UK and Nato countries. Britain’s 800 cyber security companies would be able to win contracts providing security for distinguished international buyers and safeguard networks across the world, through this framework. 

Fox stated that the strategy is significant in ensuring a fight against a diverse range of threats from hostile state actors. Further, he added that it is crucial to improving the cyber capabilities, which are the basis for national security and prosperity.

He further revealed that the government working directly with the cybersecurity industry has put a lot of efforts in developing export control regimes safeguarding the human rights.

ADS, the UK’s official security sector trade association also backs the strategy. The organization promised to help the UK’s world-leading cyber security companies to continue grown and reach new markets.

Paul Everitt, the chief executive of ADS, stated that rapidly evolving cyber security threats are disturbing the public and private organizations in the UK and around the world. The UK having a diverse range of companies is able to provide world-leading dexterity and innovation to immune these threats.

Exports of the UK’s cyber security worth £1.5bn a year and this area of activity is expected to continue offering a staunch export growth in the security sector in the coming years.

This new strategy disclosed today can assist the sector to continue growth making a greater contribution to national prosperity, and protection of the UK and other allies from risks and threats in cyberspace.

Source: Computing

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