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Facebook employees are now concerned with their own privacy

by Harikrishna Mekala

Facebook staff are angry about a memo that was leaked; stating cyberbullying suicides and terrorism were justifiable side effects of Facebooks continued growth, written by Vice President Andrew Bosworth. The concern over the companys Cambridge Analytica data-sharing scandal has now apparently transformed into a sort of panic of potentially damaging internal information like Bosworths memo.

The leaked memo is actually stating that the Facebook is trying to justify some of the company’s questionable data collection practices and the lengths that the company will go to raise its network even if the platform was used to bully someone to death or help plan a terrorist attack. Bosworth disavowed the controversial memo after it was leaked to the public Thursday. Then, in the final act of irony for a company whose core basis is inspiring people to openly share data that would best be kept private.

After the leak the of the memo, Bosworth deleted his original post. “While I won’t go quite as far as to call it a straw man, that post was definitely designed to provoke a response,” Bosworth wrote

“Everybody at Facebook in the first year gets immunized with stories about Facebook – or they quit,” one former Facebook employee told News. “But there are lots of people irked about Facebook’s silence. They want Mark to go on TV.”

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Source: The Verge, Gizmodo

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