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A Survey reveals that Facebook is the least trusted Tech Company

by Harikrishna Mekala

Every Day, We interact with a lot of tech company websites that have access to some sort of personal information about us. Our contacts, location and credit card information. A survey conducted in America revealed that 56% percent of Americans don’t trust Facebook with their data. The participants were asked to choose from Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, Lyft Microsoft, Netflix, Tesla, Twitter, Snap and Uber.

While 20% of the Americans said that they don’t trust any tech company, there was still a massive 56% percent that said they don’t want to trust Facebook with their data since the controversy regarding Cambridge Analytica.

While Facebook came in first, the next-least-trusted company was Google, with a paltry 5 percent. Uber and Twitter finished tied at third with 3 percent, while Snap, Apple and Amazon were stuck at 2 percent. The surprising champions of trust are Microsoft, Lyft, Tesla and Netflix, which didn’t generate enough responses to even be significant.

It is obvious that Facebook is expected to lose the contest given the current position of the company. Facebook’s current struggles are being framed in some circles as a popular backlash against overly powerful technology companies, but it really goes to show that this is a Facebook problem, not an industry problem.

It should be noted that Google also collects a lot of information even more than Facebook which is more terrifying but the survey seems to show that the company does offer its consent to its users before collecting the data. which helps in various third parties accessing the data without your knowledge.

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Source: ReCode

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