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Dash Core CEO Twitter Hacked By 4chan Trolls

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Ryan Taylor, the CEO of Dash Core Group Inc., had to face the music due to the courtesy of 4chan troll, the famous hacking group. They hacked into the CEO’s Twitter handle to wreak havoc by posting racist comments, memes and more.

Who Are The 4Chan Trolls?

They belong to a hacking group who are famous for hacking into the accounts of famous celebrities such as Jennifer Lawrence (leaked her nudes), targeting Shia Labeouf by changing anti-trump material from his website into Trump material.

This time they trolled Ryan Taylor by hacking his Twitter handle and making false announcements of partnerships, passing racist comments and laving remarks on Justin Sun of the Tron project.

Apart from compromising Ryan’s Twitter account, they also attacked his LinkedIn profile and even managed to hack into his SIM card. This was a major hack based on the extent, but it is believed that it did not cause major harm.

What Consequences Followed After The Incident?

Ryan soon took back control of his account and made a tweet about the same. The price of Dash was expected to take a hit after the news, but the opposite happened as the prices jumped 4.7% on the day.

What Did Ryan Say About the Incident?

He didn’t seem panicked and stated that the state of the extent of the attack is being evaluated by concerned authorities because there may be many channels involved.

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