Two Students Hacked School Server To Change Grades, Attendance Logs and Refund Lunch Money

Bloomfield High School experienced a security breach in their MISTAR Student Information Management System. The students took advantage of the compromised system to change grades, attendance records and even attempted to refund lunch purchases. The hack was noticed by a school employee after seeing an error when logging into the system. Two students said that they have used the vulnerability in the portal to carry out their hack, they also changed the records of 20 students.

A YouTube video has been posted by the Robert Glass, Superintendent of Bloomfield Hill High School saying that with the help of a forensic team the school have finally managed to find the hackers. “As a father myself, my heart aches for the parents of the students who will be learning a very hard lesson,” Glass said in the YouTube video.

“The consequences for these young individuals are likely to be severe. Cyber hacking is a federal crime and we’re acting with the proper authorities to decide the appropriate discipline and legal ramifications,” Glass said. “Due to student privacy laws, we’re not able to reveal more information but we can promise you that we’re working within the full extent of the Student Code of Conduct and the full scope of the law.”

The YouTube video posted was shared on the High’s School’s website as a warning for all the other students about punishment of unauthorised access to the school systems. The management have also posted a written message appearing as a pop-up. The school has informed the officials that they have fixed the vulnerability and the forensic team is currently looking into the changes made to the grades of the students, lunch refunds and attendance changes.

How heavily do you think they should be disciplined?

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