Apple Planning To Launch Device That Runs On ARM Processor

In 1981 Xerox released a workstation which was meant to be the first personal computer launched in the consumer commercial space with a bitmapped display, keyboard, mouse and access to the Internet.

After 30 years Apple is planning to launch a new device codenamed Star which could be the first Mac to run on an ARM processor which also works as an iOS notebook. The Mac series of computers have been using the Intel x64 and x86 instruction set whilst mobile devices are using the Apple in-house designed A-series processors. Apple is thinking to move their Macs to their own processors by 2020.

While many users have been following the updates regarding the Star project there is not much information about the project. There are some confirmations that it will consist of a touch screen, a sim card slot, GPS and the device will be water resistant. Mac will run on EFI, this is a boot system used by all the Macs which answers our questions about if the upcoming device is going to use the ARM architecture.

The new device runs a derivative of iOS which suggests that Apple will be starting a new family of devices, at current ARM processors are fully supporting LTE and GPS. Parts leaker Steve Hemmerstoffer, who has in the past presented accurate information regarding Apple’s future product plans, refuted aspects of the report. Hemmerstoffer was first to mention the N84 device designation in April.

Apple has long been rumoured to transition its Mac lineup from Intel processors to its own ARM-based designs, with prognostications of an imminent switch dating back to the company’s 2008 purchase of chip designer PA Semi.

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