Buffalo Wild Wings Apologizes For ‘Awful’ Tweets From Their Hacked Twitter Account

Hacked Twitter accounts have always created chaos in the internet world. Whenever a Twitter account gets hacked, it triggers a trail of mean tweets that infuriate almost everyone. The trend goes on, and this time, the victim is the famous American restaurant Buffalo Wild Wings.

Buffalo Wild Wings Twitter Account Posted Some ‘Awful’ Tweets

Friday night did not bring happy memories for Buffalo Wild Wings’ officials as their Twitter account was hacked. People witnessed some racist and other incendiary tweets posted by the official Buffalo Wild Wings’ account that seemed to genuinely enraged everyone who saw them. In fact, those tweets were not merely racist, rather mean as well.

At around 7.30 p.m. ET, the alleged hacker started posting a trail of annoying messages, which left the 700,000 followers of Buffalo Wild Wings stunned. After posting six consecutive tweets within 20 minutes, the trail eventually stopped as the hacker possibly lost access to the account.

The officials were quick to delete those tweets. However, they couldn’t prevent them from being preserved as screenshots.

Buffalo Wild Wings Apologizes For The Racist Tweets

Although it was a matter of six tweets and 20 minutes, it was still enough to upset their followers. Buffalo Wild Wings’ officials, however, behaved graciously, as they apologized for the posts. They also alerted followers to the hack on their official Twitter account.

Buffalo Wild Wings has also committed to investigating the matter in their official apology statement.

“We are sorry that our fans had to see those awful posts, which obviously didn’t come from us. We’re in touch with our Twitter representatives, and will pursue the appropriate action against the individuals involved.”

However, Tariq Nasheed, another victim of those offensive tweets, still faces some trouble.

This isn’t the first time that a famous brand’s Twitter account was hacked. Last year, McDonald’s suffered a similar embarrassing situation when their Twitter account posted an aggressive tweet for President Donald Trump. McDonald’s confessed the hacking of their Twitter account, and apologized for the offensive post.

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