US Mother Claims Hacker Spied On Her By Hacking Baby Monitor

One of the more unusual cyber incidents happened to a family living in South Carolina that has left them terrified.

Jamie and Kevin Summit are a happy family with a new baby, Jamie thought to get a baby monitor so that she could keep tabs on her baby at all times, even when she was busy with home chores.

Jamie Summit bought a FREDI Wireless Baby Camera Monitor which looks like a black and a white puppy. This monitor allows parents to access video feed of their baby via their smartphones.

The monitor is able to rotate on a 360 degree angle so that it covers more area. However last week a disturbing event occurred when Jamie saw something unusual when the monitor moved on its own to position at the empty bed where Jamie breastfeeds her son.

According to Jamie, this wasn’t the first time she has seen such a thing but she always thought it was her husband checking up on the baby from work, however, he denied any such activity.

The Claim

Jamie claims that a hacker has hacked into the device and has been watching her and her baby day in and day out. She has tried to get in touch with the manufacturer but they have been unavailable.

The fact is that such devices can indeed get hacked but there is no concrete proof yet if this hacking baby monitor incident is true.

The Bottomline

The matter was circulated on Facebook by many parents and concerned authorities are looking into it. In the past such incidents have occurred a number of times which is why parents need to be careful about using all such devices since hacking baby monitors is a possibility, particularly if the system uses WIFI as in this case.

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