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Liberty Financial Services Confirms It Has Been Hacked

by Abeerah Hashim
liberty hacked

Hacking for ransom seems to be a constant methodology used by hackers these days. Lately, another company faced just this with a ransom demand. This time, the financial service company Liberty was the victim. After noticing suspicious activity, the company put up a notice on its website informing customers and shareholders of the situation.

Financial Service Company Liberty Hacked For Ransom

Saturday evening, South Africa’s financial service company Liberty Group faced a cyber attack. They have put up a notice on their website informing customers and stakeholders about the incident. Apparently, the motivations of the hackers was about money as the hackers demand ‘compensation’. Anyone accessing their website will first come across this notice.

Liberty group hacked

Besides informing people through the website, they also informed their customers through SMS. One such customer, who was shocked by the news, contacted them via their Facebook page. Fortunately, Liberty’s marketing team is actively communicating with it’s users to reassure them that they are working on remediating the problem.

Liberty's response on Facebook page

Company Begins Investigations But Reveals No Further Details

Although the company’s gesture to quickly update their customers is admirable, it is quite strange that the company has revealed no further details about the incident. Seems they need more time to investigate the source of hacking and data breach. By now, what they have mentioned simply hints towards a ransomware attack.

Nonetheless, they confirm through their notices that they’re investigating the matter and taking security measures. They will inform everyone related about any further progress on the matter.

“Since becoming aware, we have taken immediate steps to secure our computer systems. Liberty is investigating the breach and we will endeavour to keep all stakeholders fully informed as appropriate. We are working hard to rectify the situation.”

Liberty Group is a famous financial services group based in South Africa. Presently, it has established itself in 18 African countries catering to the needs of 3.2 million customers. It offers investment, asset management, insurance and health products to its clients.

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