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A Botnet consisting of 18,000 Routers Created In Under 24 Hours By a Hacker

by Harikrishna Mekala
Botnet Huawei

A Hacker has claimed he has created a botnet in under 24 hours compromising of 18,000 Huawei routers. The hacker goes by the Pseudonym “Anarchy” has claims that he created the botnet using an old router vulnerability.

According to the news report, the Botnet was discovered by a company called NewSky Security also  other security firms such as Rapid7 and Qihoo 360 confirmed the existence of the new Botnet in the wild.  Netlab have also confirmed they have seen a huge spike in scanning activity of Huawei devices.

The creator of the Botnet has reached NewSky Security researcher Ankit Anubhav who thought that Anarchy was actually a well-known threat actor named Wicked. The code written by Anarchy was taking advantage of CVE-2017-17215. These Botnets make devices in the networks as their puppets to perform DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service Attacks) to send malicious packets and perform remote code execution.

“The attacker Anarchy has shared a list of infected victim IPs which at that point, I am not making public for obvious reasons,” he tweeted. “The motives are not clear as the attacker only said he is doing this “to make the biggest worst botnet in town,”.

Sean Newman, The Director of Product Management for Corero Network Security said that this is the second time they have seen reports about Huawei.  “Vendors can’t force users to upgrade so, whilst this behaviour continues, there dwells no end in sight for IoT devices being obtained for various nefarious actions including use in botnets for launching DDoS and other large-scale criminal campaigns,” Newman added.

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