Black Hat USA Update: BlackBerry Launches New Ransomware Solution


In the midst of the rising ransomware attacks on medical facilities, factories, businesses, educational facilities, and even everyday internet-using individuals, one company believes that it can “rescue” people from these malicious malware infections. That company’s name is BlackBerry.

Even though the Canadian company is no longer the “king of the smartphone industry,” it continues to license its name to a small number of handsets. However, the company’s main focus is now on software. BlackBerry is utilizing the Black Hat USA security show, an event taking place in Las Vegas, NV this week, to reveal what it says is a quick response to virtually all ransomware infections.

This revolutionary new code is essentially a free update for BlackBerry Workspaces. It enables IT managers to figure out exactly what folders and/or files were affected, and then to roll back only the infected data and documents to the time before they were hit by the extortionware.

Supposedly, this is going to be much more efficient for businesses everywhere rather than having to restore all of their data on a corporation-wide basis. One good point about this new code is that it would certainly reduce a business’ downtime by eliminating the need to wipe and restore systems from their backups. However, some companies may feel that a deep, thorough, although time-consuming, wipe-and-restore would essentially be more effective due to the fact that it would definitely ensure that every single trace of the malware would be eliminated.

The VP of Blackberry’s enterprise products, Billy Ho had this to say:

“Beyond data loss, opportunity costs, and reputational risks, downtime resulting from ransomware attacks can inflict real harm on customers in any industry, including healthcare or public safety, where the consequences of any delay can be catastrophic. Organizations need to have a strong culture of security to minimize the risk of an attack – something that our Cybersecurity Consulting team has been supporting for the last several years. And in a worst-case scenario, it’s critical that organizations also have a layered defense model in place and an enterprise technology stack that is designed with the inevitable breach in mind.”

The company declares that its tech can efficiently handle backups “going back to a unlimited amount of time” while also operating at individual files levels in order to prevent the wiping of data on unaffected company machines. This system will effectively run on macOS, Windows PCs, iOS and Android devices, as well as the company’s own BlackBerry 10 mobile OS.

If you are interested in what BlackBerry are doing and would like to learn more, on Tuesday August 21st, BlackBerry will be hosting a webinar to give an overview of the new BlackBerry Workspaces with ransomware recovery. You can register here if you would like to attend.

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