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Huawei 5G Has Been Banned From Australia Due to Security Concerns

by Harikrishna Mekala

The Australian government has issued a GO (General Order) to ban the Huawei 5G network from being deployed within the country over spying concerns relating to the Chinese Government.

Huawei Australia has announced this new in Twitter

The US is the first nation to stop using the Chinese products as they pose security risks to user’s privacy. Huawei has refuted allegations that the company is sharing data with Chinese intelligence. The Australian government has also banned another Chinese firm named ZTE corporation. The chairman of Huawei Australia said that banning Huawei will set back the economic growth of the government for generations. The Chinese government is also concerned about the nation’s decision.

“We urge the Australian government to discard ideological biases and create a level-playing filed for Chinese companies’ operations in Australia,” said Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang.

The US Effect…

In May 2018, the Pentagon has ordered that all the retail outlets in the US military bases should stop using the Huawei products due to the unacceptable security risks. The Pentagon considers that adoption of these Chinese products will invade the privacy of users as they can be used to spy on military personnel.

“Huawei and ZTE accessories may pose an unacceptable risk to the department’s personnel, information and mission,” said  Pentagon spokesman Major Dave Eastburn.

“In light of this news, it was not prudent for the department’s exchanges to continue selling them.”

Dan Coats, the Director of National Intelligence and several other leaders have assembled to raise the issues regarding Huawei and ZTE products. There may be a lot of issues like this in the future as President Donald Trump has signed a defence spending bill that already prevents Russian made products such as Kaspersky anti-virus from being sold. said by Kalember.

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