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Eir’s Customer Data of 37,000 Clients Exposed After a Theft of a Laptop

by Harikrishna Mekala

The personal data of more than 37,000 Eir customers has been exposed includes the names, Email address, phones numbers and account numbers. Eir is a fixed, mobile, broadband telecommunications company based in Ireland.

What is the personal data exposed?

“eir has reported a data breach of personal details for up to 37,000 customers to the Data Protection Commissioner. The data consists of names, email addresses, phone numbers and eir account numbers.”  states the data breach notification published by the company on its official website.

According to a report released by the company, no financial data was exposed in the breach and the company has also reported to the Protection Commissioner. The stolen data was used by a third party in a targeted attack.

“Eir treats privacy and security of all data extremely seriously and our plan is that all company laptops should be encrypted as well as a password protected,” it said.

The Eir customers affected by this data breach will receive an email, if the customer doesn’t have a valid email address they will receive a phone call or a letter for their listed address. The company is in process of reviewing their IT and data protection policies to ensure this doesn’t happen again. The company has also confirmed that no financial data has been stolen relating to customers.

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