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CryptoNar Ransomware Decrypted Shortly After it Surfaced

by Harikrishna Mekala
Decrypt CryptoNar Ransomware

A new CryptoJoker Ransomware variant has been discovered dubbed CryptoNar, fortunately security researchers released a free decryptor almost immediately, meaning the victims will be able to easily recover their files. The Ransomware was first discovered by the MalwareHunterTeam. Michael Gillespie was quick to create a free decryptor for this ransomware.

How do CryptoNar Encrypts files?

CryptoNar encrypts files using different file formats. If the target file was a text or MD it will encrypt the entire file and append the data to .fully.cryptoNar extension and the rest of the files will have a .partially.cryptoNar extension appended to the file’s name, after the encryption process the ransomware sends the private/public key pair to the attacker using Email.

How Can Victims Decrypt Their Files?

The Ransomware drops a ransom note named CRYPTONAR RECOVERY INFORMATION.txt which consists of the Ransom amount of $200 worth of Bitcoin. The attacker has also instructed the victims to enter their email ID and the listed ID in the extra note field of the Bitcoin transaction. A decryptor launches and waits for the victim to enter the private key they supposedly get after paying the ransom. Michael Gillespie, a security researcher created the free decryptor for CryptoNar that will enable victims to get their files back for free. The decryptor can be downloaded from using the link below.

CryptoNar Decryptor Link. Run the Decryptor, Select Settings and then select Brute Forcer and select the files to be decrypted, if the files are found select the file and hit the Decrypt Button.

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