Security In The Crypto World: Exchanges, Wallets, Personal Data. Kiev To Host The Largest Cybersecurity Forum In Eastern Europe

October 8-11, the international cybersecurity forum HackIT 4.0 will be held in Kiev, Ukraine. The annual forum aims to be a place for strong security networking gathering of professional tech developers and leading security experts.

HackIT 4.0 is the 4th Global CyberSecurity Forum for specialists in cybersecurity, blockchain entrepreneurs and white hackers, which has been held in Ukraine since 2015. The four-day event includes a conference, exhibition and a lot of activities in real time. This year the organizers will run the Capture the Flag (CTF) competition, bug bounty marathon Hacken Cup and a trip to Chernobyl nuclear power plant for a real illustration of the man-made disaster.

Among the main issues to be debated:

  • Fintech and Blockchain trends and cybersecurity concerns,
  • hot and cold wallets security,
  • hacking The DNA of humanity with Blockchain and AI,
  • current trends in anonymity research,
  • hacking cryptocurrency miners,  
  • proper operational security of depository,
  • security of Blockchain nodes and databases,
  • personal cybersecurity of employees, users and traders, potential threats,
  • security standardisation and certification,
  • mapping standards to the crypto exchange market,
  • application security,
  • security requirements related to Blockchain protocols or token smart contracts,
  • legal and governance,
  • AML and financial verification,
  • global identity management, and more.


The two-day conference will be addressed by more than 50 speakers from the UK, France,  Canada, China, Turkey, Romania and Ukraine. Among the participants are highly skilled security researchers, crypto companies executives, industry leaders, white hat hackers, blockchain engineers and developers and top tech bloggers. The list of already confirmed speakers, as well as speakers of past years (including Steve Wozniak), you can find on the event’s website.

The participants are expected to sign a memorandum on supporting common security standards.

It is the right time to gather market leaders and cybersecurity experts at one table to remedy the situation, share best practices, unite the community around important issues related to the exchanges, and attract public attention, the HackIT 4.0 team state.

Tickets for the largest forum in Eastern Europe dedicated to cybersecurity are available at  

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