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Since the Massive Facebook Hack Criminals Are Selling Hacked Facebook Accounts For As Little As $3

by Abeerah Hashim
data for sale of Pakistani citizens

It hasn’t been that long since Facebook suffered a massive cyber attack on almost 50 million accounts. Amidst the investigations still in progress, here comes another concerning piece of news regarding this incident. Since the attack the supposed hackers have advertised the hacked Facebook accounts login credentials for sale on the dark web.

Hacked Facebook Accounts Being Sold For $3

As discovered recently, the hackers involved in the recent Facebook hack affecting 50 million accounts have put the data up for sale on the dark web. Allegedly, the hackers sell these hacked Facebook accounts for around $3 to $12 each.

The Independent found “dozens of listings” on dark web markets offering Facebook users’ data for “as low as $3”. They allegedly found the data on a popular dark web market “Dream Market”, where a “trusted” seller offered legit Facebook account credentials for 0.000477 bitcoins (worth approx. $3).

facebook hack dark web data

Source: The Independent

Why Hackers Have Interest In Buying Personal Data?

As you already know, criminal hackers keep on hunting for ways to blackmail someone for ransom, or for impersonation, etc. That is why they have a particular interest in pilfering personal data from various social, corporate, private, and personal accounts. In this way, they get legitimate details, which help them fulfill their malicious purposes.

According to a study published by Money Guru, social media accounts provide a quick means for hackers to get the most relevant information. They can then use this information themselves, or to others, including various marketers.

“There are few better ways to gain insight into someone’s life than their social media accounts. These details are frequently stolen to sell to companies with little scruples about targeted advertising. It’s also a fast track to identity theft as they can take control of your accounts, lock you out and cause serious reputational damage in a short space of time.”

For the moment, Facebook hasn’t commented on this news. Though, we may hope they will soon express their opinion on this matter.

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