How to Use Android Monitoring for Better Results?

Android devices have become widespread thanks to their ease of use, affordability, and diversification in designs and features. As technology affects all aspects of our life, more employers are acquiring Android phones and tablets for company use by the employees. Parents are also buying them for their kids for communication, entertainment and learning purposes.

While the intended purpose is simple, some challenges have emerged along the way. The devices have been used for other activities other than what they are meant for. iKeyMonitor Android monitoring app has however come to save the situation.

How Does An Android Monitoring App Help Me?

Just as the name suggests, the Android monitoring app helps you monitor Android devices. Once installed, the app enables you to monitor text messages, calls, and chats among other applications. This app gives you the advantage of being fully aware of any developments or plans that are being executed through the devices.

As a parent, you can use iKeyMonitor to know your children better. The Android monitoring app gives you the ability to check the gadget used by your children. This, in turn, allows you to be there and know as things are happening. You are therefore able to guide and discipline accordingly. Additionally, even if you are working, you will handle your parental responsibilities well with the full knowledge of your kids’ friends, hobbies and how they spend their time.

For an employer, being able to monitor the employees ensures that the resources are employed in the right manner. It also provides you with an opportunity to know the employees better depending on how they use their devices and their time, especially on the Internet. This is because you can see things that would otherwise never be revealed or would never be detected. Consequently, you can emphasize company morals and expectations, and also take on any required disciplinary measures from an informed position. The result is increased productivity and proper time management which translates to company growth.

Key Features of iKeyMonitor Android Monitoring App
Take a look at the critical features of iKeyMonitor, and you will understand why it works effectively in parental control as well as employee monitoring.

iKeyMonitor logs the keystrokes entered in social chats, searches. This feature helps you know what they are doing and whether the kids have behavior problems.

Capture Screenshots
On an Android device, you can use iKeyMonitor to capture screenshots of mobile activities, such as videos watched, private browsing, emoticons and pictures in social chats. This kind of information gives you a graphic view of whichever activity and can be used in the future for disciplinary, complimentary or review purposes.

Record Live Surroundings and Calls
iKeyMonitor records the surrounding environment and calls. Parents can remotely listen to the audio recordings from the cloud panel.

Screen Time Limit
This feature is beneficial to a parent. It ensures that a child does not become a screen addict and can engage in other activities that will help in wholesome development.

App Blocker
This helpful feature makes a child not exposed to harmful apps and games. The employers, on the other hand, determine how much interaction is allowed at the workstations and what is useful for the company.

In conclusion, with all the above and more features, it is no doubt that iKeyMonitor Android monitoring app is a must-have for everyone, especially parents and employers. When appropriately used, the challenges that are brought about by technology will be significantly reduced. There will also be better ways of dealing with any issues that may come forth as a result of monitoring. Also, decisions will not be clouded by emotions but rather facts that will be presented from the reports given by the app.

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