A Review of the Device Tracking Application “Hoverwatch”

Sometimes it may be imperative to monitor someone for investigative purposes. For instance, parents may sometimes need to keep tags on their children’s gadgets. Likewise, to unveil the misdoings of a cheating spouse one might wonder who is my husband texting? . Considering these needs, we now have a plethora of keylogging apps available on the market. Hoverwatch is just one such app that facilitates its users to monitor a device.

About Hoverwatch

Hoverwatch is a mobile tracker app that lets one keep an eye on a target device. The app works seamlessly well with Android, Windows, and Mac. Launched in 2002 by Refog, the app aims to provide parental and employee control opportunities to users. The app has been installed on around 12 million devices, as claimed by the Hoverwatch keylogger website.

The below given video demonstrates the installation process of Hoverwatch on Android devices. You can also find a separate installation guide videos for Windows and Mac on their website.

Noteworthy Features

Like most other tracker apps, Hoverwatch brings with it some exciting features providing a 360 device monitoring experience. Here we quickly highlight its notable functions:

Invisibility On Target Device

The first thing that anyone looks for in a tracking app is its invisibility on the target device. The app would simply become useless if the owner of the target device can detect its presence. Hoverwatch takes care of this feature by offering “stealth mode”. By simply checking the option “Activate an invisible mode on the device” one can easily install the app on any Android smartphone or PC without alerting the other user.

Call/SMS Logging

The Hoverwatch tracker app offers a logging feature for calls and text messages. The app logs calls and SMS’s as well as remotely recording all outgoing and incoming calls on the target device.

Monitoring Social Networks

One reason why one might wish to use a monitoring app can be to avoid wastage of time by employees or children on social media. Many people have become addicted to such apps. Children also become vulnerable to hackers and criminals through such social apps.

To help with all these issues, Hoverwatch allows an inclusive social media monitoring feature. This includes tracking Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, and Snapchat. The app easily records messages, audio/video files, and all other activities being done on these messenger apps.

Tracking Browsing History

With Hoverwatch, one can easily find the websites visited by a target user, such as the kids, spouses or staff. The app provides a comprehensive tracking feature for the target phone’s internet history.

Location Tracking

Hoverwatch tracking app lets you detect the target phone’s location as well. The best part of this feature is that its functionality is not dependent on GPS. Rather it can work based on WiFi as well. In fact, even in the absence of WiFi and GPS, you can still discover information on the target Android’s location since it operates over GSM.

Other Features

  • Taking periodic screenshots
  • Detecting changes in SIM card
  • Camera tracking
  • Tracking to-do lists
  • Logging contacts saved on the target device
  • Monitoring up to five Android devices with a single account

Monitoring Windows/Mac

The monitoring features of Hoverwatch are not only limited to Android devices, you can use this app to get the same tracking features for Windows and Mac as well. Hoverwatch offers the following features for monitoring Windows and Mac devices.

  • Stealth mode
  • Keylogger
  • Logging websites visited
  • Tracking Facebook messages
  • Saving screenshots
  • Tracking chats from all installed messenger apps on the device, such as Skype
  • Camera shots (for Windows)
  • Tracking PC/laptop location (for Windows)

Free Sign-Up And Trial

To help new users decide about whether to use Hoverwatch, the app offers a free 3-day trial. You can easily sign-up for the app free, install the app accordingly on your own and the target device, and then practically test all the features for free. If you’re satisfied with the app’s performance after the trial period, you can subscribe to their premium plans.

Summing Up

To summarise Hoverwatch is a nice app for monitoring of children, employees, or anyone for that matter. The sign-up and installation processes are quite easy, and the app works seemingly well for invisible device tracking. For now, Hoverwatch seems a good option for all those who need a quick option for device monitoring.

You can download the application from the Android keylogger website

If you decide to try this app, then don’t forget to share your experience with us in the comment section below.

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