Google Launches New Policy Manager To Tackle Bad Ads

Every year, Google shares updates about how they handle malicious and scam advertisements. This year, Google announced the launch of a new Policy Manager for a customized and secure Google Ads ecosystem. They also disclosed the removal of 2.3 billion bad ads in the previous year.

2.3 Billion Bad Ads Removed In 2018

According to the details shared in their recent blog post, Google took down 2.3 billion bad ads in 2018. This includes scam ads related to online tech support, addiction treatment services, cryptocurrency, and others.

Google devised new policies to handle fraudulent ads linking back to scammers, as they spotted malicious use of Google Ads by those advertisers. They created a dedicated policy to ban ads from for-profit bail bond services as they targeted ‘vulnerable communities’.

In August 2018, Google announced another policy limiting third-party tech support ads to fight back scammers. Likewise, they implemented several new policies to tackle other sorts of bad ads. As stated in their report,

“In all, we introduced 31 new ads policies in 2018 to address abuses in areas including third-party tech support, ticket resellers, cryptocurrency and local services such as garage door repairmen, bail bonds and addiction treatment facilities.”

Consequently, they took down roughly 58.8 million phishing advertisements, around 207,000 ticket resellers ads, and more than 531,000 ads for bail bonds – summing up to 2.3 billion malicious ads in all. This also includes the fraudulent 3ve Ad Campaign.

Launch Of New Policy Manager

This year, they have announced the launch of a dedicated new Policy Manager to manage Google Ads. Google will release this Policy Manager in April, which will facilitate ‘well-meaning advertisers’ in launching ‘compliant ads’.

Allegedly, Google will allow the advertisers to appeal the decision in case of rejection of their ad(s). Moreover, they will also provide real-time feedback to the advertisers for potential policy violations to avoid conflicts at later stages.

Besides, they will continue to provide details to the advertisers in case of ad rejections.

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