Zynga Hack Pilfered Over 219 Million Gamers’ Data

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Zynga is a popular gaming platform provider, known for Facebook games like FarmVille, CityVille, Empires and Allies to Poker, Zynga has earned a huge userbase. Thus, it holds an enticing treasure-trove of data for hackers too. Leveraging this chance as an opportunity, a hacker managed to pilfer over 219 million records of gamers’ data after hacking Zynga.

Hacker Stole 219 Million Records From Zynga

As disclosed, the hacker successfully breached over 219 million records from Zynga gamers’. He stole this data after breaching ‘Words With Friends’, a word puzzle game. Gnosticplayers revealed that the impact of the breach extends to both the Android and iOS game players. Moreover, it has affected everyone who installed or signed-up for this game on or before September 2, 2019.

As for the leaked information, the data contained personal information of the gamers, such as names, email addresses, hashed and SHA1-salted passwords, Login IDs, Facebook IDs, contact numbers, Zynga account ID, and any password reset token (if requested).

In addition to ‘Words with Friends, the hacker also claims hacking the other Zynga games ‘Draw Something’ and OMGPOP that exposed passwords in plain text for over 7 million users.

Zynga Confirmed The Data Breach

The recent claim from the serial hacker Gnosticplayers isn’t a mere claim. Rather Zynga has also officially confirmed a data breach. Although, they haven’t stated many details about the breach. They did however confirm the breach impacting the two games named by the hacker.

As stated in their notice,

While the investigation is ongoing, we do not believe any financial information was accessed.  However, we have identified account login information for certain players of Draw Something and Words With Friends that may have been accessed.

As a security measure, Zynga took several steps to secure the accounts as elaborated in a dedicated FAQ page.

Gnosticplayers earlier made it to the news as he dumped huge databases online from various resources.

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