Facebook Will Notify Users When Logging In To Third-Party Apps

As announced, Facebook will now notify users while signing in to third-party apps. This will allow users to gain better control over their privacy.

Facebook Will Notify For Third-Party Logins

Reportedly, Facebook has announced an update in its login feature. The new feature will now notify users while logging in to third-party apps via Facebook. Facebook believes this change will bring more control to the users on their information. The tech giant has detailed this new feature in a blog post.

As revealed, the new feature, called ‘Login Notifications’, generates user alerts while signing-in to third party apps. This notification will give details to the user about the information shared with the app. It will also let the user make any changes to the shared data.

The design and content of the Login Notifications remind users that they have full control over the information they share with 3rd party apps, with a clear path to edit those settings.

Facebook seemingly implemented this feature to enhance privacy for users.

We understand there are sensitivities to people’s information privacy and related information and are taking active steps to honor and improve this in our products.

How Will ‘Login Notifications’ Work

As explained, Login Notification will alert the user whenever they try to sign-in to any app other than Facebook via Facebook Login. This will apparently generate alerts in two circumstances.

  • When a user signs-in to an external app via Facebook Login and grants it permission to access their information.
  • When a user signs-in again to an app previously signed-in via Facebook Login after the expiry of the app’s access.

This is yet another step from Facebook towards improving users’ privacy even with third-party apps. Earlier, in October 2019, Facebook announced an expansion in its bug bounty program to include third-party apps and websites that integrate with Facebook.

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