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TVEyes News Monitoring Service Suffered Ransomware Attack

by Abeerah Hashim
TVEyes suffered ransomware attack

The news monitoring service TVEyes now joins the trail as the latest victim. Reportedly, the TV and radio broadcast search engine, TVEyes Inc., has disclosed a ransomware attack on their systems. Following the incident, the service went down.

TVEyes Struck With Ransomware

Recently, the broadcast search engine and news monitoring service TVEyes recently suffered an outage. Now, it turns out that TVEyes actually faced a ransomware attack.

On January 30, 2020, many users flooded Twitter with complaints of TVEyes outage.

At that time, the service only informed users about a ‘technical glitch’ that they’re trying to resolve.

However, the problem continued eventually making the users suspicious of the outage.

Finally, on January 31, 2020, TVEyes unveiled the fact that they were actually hit by ransomware. They also clarified that they had to ‘rebuild the system’ for service restoration, for which, they did not have an ETA.

Restoration Process Going On

Following the attack, users became concerned about the security of their data. However, according to CEO TVEyes, David Ives, the attack seemed a typical ransomware attack solely focused on making money. The CEO confirmed that the attackers did not download any data.

All the engineers have been working on this since early yesterday morning, and there’s no evidence that data was downloaded. It appears it was purely an attack to make money.

Fortunately the firm restored their servers from backups

TVEyes Inc. is an international broadcast media monitoring firm based in the United States and covers TV and radio news. The attack, despite not being so harmful (apparently), still holds significance considering its timings and the subsequent impact on the political campaigns.

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