How to Increase the Security of Internal Company Communications

Security has been a significant concern for companies around the world for a very long time. However, the threats have slowly increased over time as businesses started to get on board with modern technologies and methods.

Nowadays, every organization needs to have plenty of excellent precautionary methods in place to protect their secrets, employees, clients, and everything else.

While the businesses are looking at securing their data, many overlook one simple area that needs a decent amount of security: communications.

Now you may already be reflecting on the emails and messages that are being sent around the company. What might happen if they got out?

Check out these five ways and secure your communications immediately.

Email Encryption Software

Considering that most email platforms are generally unsecured, you will require a reliable third-party encryption software or tool to secure all of your emails.

The basic idea of encryption is to code the contents of the email you send out. That will make it unreadable and useless for anyone who intercepts while it is en route. However, the best software, such as, can do a better job of encrypting since simple coding is easy to decrypt.

BYOD Policies

These days, companies allow their employees to bring their personal devices to the workplace because they are essential. However, these devices can be potential security risks if they can connect with your messaging networks.

Therefore, you may want to check your BYOD, or bring your own device, policy. Furthermore, you may need to ensure that every employee properly follows the guidelines of the plan.

Reliable Applications

You probably have plenty of apps or software to communicate with others. These may consist of instant messaging, project management, or social media. Now you need to figure out which of these applications are secure and reliable.

Look into the security measures they take and how they protect each client’s data. Don’t forget to look into the product’s history for data breaches or cyber-attacks.

Storage and Access

Continuing with the above subtopic, you need to ask your email hosting, chat app, or communication software provider some questions about your logs.

First of all, ask them details about how your messages are being stored. This can tell you a great deal about their security and safety protocols.

Second of all, find out where exactly are all your logs stored. It could be cloud servers, local drives, or something else.

Finally, find out who has access to those storage areas.

Login and Password Protocols

Login information is where many companies fail, as they don’t emphasize the matter enough.

You must have a company policy that outlines how each employee must create their passwords and IDs. It may seem like an insignificant matter. Still, you will be surprised by how many of your employees have easily guessable login details.

You could give a short guide on the best ways to create strong passwords. To further increase security, ask everyone to change their details several times a year.

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