Telstra Suffered Brief Outage Following DoS Attack

Recently, Telstra customers faced issues in connecting to the internet. It turns out that Telstra actually suffered a DoS attack. The telco swiftly took action to remediate the issue.

Telstra Suffered DoS Attack

Reportedly, on August 2, 2020, customers of Australian telecommunication service, Telstra, started facing issues while connecting to the internet. The problem wasn’t confined to the services, rather it also affected the Telstra website. Even surfing to their website for status updates returned a 404 error.

Also, Downdetector confirmed a huge outage of Telstra services given the customer complaints.

Though, Telstra’s customer support remained in touch to inform users of the issues. Responding to a customer, they even confirmed an outage of both mobile and NBN.

However, the real issue remained unconfirmed until Telstra formally disclosed a cyberattack via their official Twitter account. According to Telstra, some of their DNS suffered a DoS (denial of service) attack.

Problem Fixed – What Next?

Following the complaints and the team’s actions, Telstra eventually repelled the attack. As stated in their update tweet,

We’re blocking the malicious traffic attacking some of our services. We are confident we have blocked all of this malicious traffic and are working to get you back up and running again. Thanks for sticking with us.

After a while, they confirmed fixing the glitch. Moreover, they also assured that the attack wasn’t malicious. Nor did it impact customers’ data or other sensitive details in any way. It merely affected the Domain Name Servers (DNS) that consequently cause service disruptions.

Though, many of the customers continued to complain about the outages even after Telstra confirmed the fix. So, perhaps, the attack affected the customers seemingly for the whole day.

This isn’t the first time that internet users faced problems while getting online. In July, Cloudflare service outage also caused serious disruption to many websites. Though the service confirmed no cyber attack behind the outage, rather they highlighted technical issues for the glitch.

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