Pastebin Introduce New Security Features: “Burn After Read” And Password Protected Pastes

The popular content pasting platform (specifically used for pasting codes) Pastebin has recently announced two new security features. These are the “Burn After Read” and “Password Protected Pastes” options. The service believes that these features will enhance site security.

Pastebin Launch “Burn After Read” and “Password Protected Pastes”

In a recent tweet, Pastebin has announced the launch of two security features that will supposedly protect the pastes.

As evident, the features will seemingly protect how the pastes appear to others. And also give control to the authors to protect their pastes.

The “Burn after read” is a dropdown feature under the “Paste Expiration” option. Selecting this option will make the pastes expire after a single read. Otherwise, users can choose the time after which they want the paste to expire. In case a user misses to choose the option from the dropdown, Pastebin also offers it as a single checkmark feature.

Whereas, the “Password Protected Pastes” feature provides one more option in the Optional Settings. Here, the user can check the box appearing in front of the “Password” option. Doing so will enable the feature right away with a random preset password. The user can either proceed with it or type another password.

Here’s how the new features look like.

Image: LHN

Skepticism Surrounds The New Security Features

Although, the new security features seem to improve the security of pastes. However, people are also skeptical about the potential exploitation of these features by the threat actors.

Their main concern is that these features will let the criminals exploit the site for sharing malware. They have clearly expressed their thoughts about the new options in response to Pastebin’s tweet.

Though, some users argue that these features aren’t unique to Pastebin. Rather their competitors also implement similar things. So, Pastebin shouldn’t be blamed.

Let’s see how useful or dangerous these features turn out to be in the coming days.

What do you think about these changes in Pastebin? Do share your thoughts with us.

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