6 Surefire Tips to Keep your SmartPhone Secure from Hackers

Smartphones are prone to security vulnerabilities because of the sensitivity of the data signals it carries. We all are afraid of getting our smartphone hacked as it holds most of our crucial information. Moreover, the risk of getting robbed is also higher in most vicinity. All these aspects make it essential to protect your smartphone devices from virtual predators. Maintaining online privacy on your device is imperative. According to a recent report data breaches have exponentially exposed 4.1 billion records in 2019.

And to make it easier for you, here are 6 proven tips you can implement to safeguard your smartphone devices.

Avoid Using Public Wi-Fi at Random Places

Frequently you will be using public Wi-Fi that eventually increases the risk of security breaching. Dangers associated with the free network are beyond control. Hackers are continuously in search of people using open spots of Wi-Fi to breach user privacy. With the malicious attempts, they control your online activity, and in worse cases, they even hack your entire devices.

Refrain from using public Wi-Fi and make sure you use a private connection. Also, security experts recommend using a VPN that protects multiple devices at once. It will give you an encrypted network coverage that restricts any malicious sources that could harm your smartphone.

Keep Upgrading Your Smartphone Software’s & Apps

To help you get a seamless virtual experience, smartphone companies are often updating their software and related applications. You must ensure that your phone apps and software are updated with the current ones.

Doing so will ensure your smartphone device is safe from security ruptures and related bugs. Software updates are one way to prevent your phone from hackers attacks. Thereby, do not delay to install the updated version to get rid of the errors and bugs.

Make use of Two-Factor Authentication Lock System

Always use an intricate password that is hard to crack. Simple passwords are riskier than complex ones. Moreover, do not just rely on the passcodes; instead, use a multi-factor authentication system to boost your smartphone privacy.

Face recognition and fingerprint scanning are some of the great ways to combat privacy issues. They are not easy to scan and which ultimately safe your device in case of being stolen. Also, make sure you lock all of the apps in your smartphone that hold some critical information, including emails and passcodes.

Beware of Phishing Scams over SMS & Calls

Hackers are continually seeking new ways to breach data of users.  Another standard method they use is trying to extract information over spamming phone calls and SMS. Never share any of your confidential information to unknown people.

Likewise, do not respond to SMS if you receive any message that asks you to share your credentials. Phishing practices are gaining popularity since the COVID-19 pandemic surges. Thereby, react only to authenticated sources and avoid sharing information to unknown people.

Avoid Deploying Public Chargers

You must be thinking that chargers won’t play a role in protecting your smartphone device from hackers. Well, it does. Public USB charging ports are a golden spot for hackers to steal your information. Always charge your device with USB ports that are authenticated. And avoid using the ones that are available for free in cafes and public places.

Create a Back-up for your Smartphone Data

Even if you have followed all the said practices to protect your smartphone device, you can’t deny the importance of data back-up. Always create a secondary back-up for every bit of your smartphone data to avoid regretting any inconvenience. It is all about adopting a proactive approach to shield your device data.

Bottom Line

Protecting your smartphone devices from hackers is a daunting errand. Yet, with the above 5 practices you can at least secure your device from being corrupted. There are other ways as well to protect your data from hackers. But, the ones shared in this post are basic and mandatory to follow.

Author Bio: Amtul Rafay is a Cybersecurity enthusiast who loves to write on topics pertaining to online privacy, internet security, and web privacy at BestVPN.co. She believes in the influential power of research-backed opinions to stay updated with the futuristic technology trends.



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