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Legal Firm Seyfarth Shaw Suffered Ransomware Attack

by Abeerah Hashim
Seyfarth Shaw Ransomware Attack

Global legal firm Seyfarth Shaw LLP has recently disclosed a cyber attack. Specifically, Seyfarth Shaw has suffered a ransomware attack that encrypted its systems.

Seyfarth Shaw Disclosed Ransomware Attack

Reportedly, the international law firm Seyfarth Shaw has fallen prey to a ransomware attack. Seyfarth Shaw LLP is a global giant having over 300 of the Fortune 500 firms on its clientele.

The firm has recently disclosed the incident via a statement on its website.

As revealed, the firm became a victim of the attack on October 10, 2020.

On Saturday, October 10, 2020, Seyfarth was the victim of a sophisticated and aggressive malware attack that appears to be ransomware. We understand that a number of other entities were simultaneously hit with this same attack.

The malware, after targeting the firm, encrypted many of their systems, Eventually, upon detecting the incident, their IT personnel shut down the infected systems.

Our monitoring systems detected the unauthorized activity, and our IT team acted quickly to prevent its spread and protect our systems…
However, many of our systems were encrypted, and we have shut them down as a precautionary measure.

Investigations Underway

The law firm has confirmed that the ransomware attack didn’t affect its customers’ data. Nor did they find evidence regarding data theft.

Yet, they have reached out to the FBI and are working for the resumption of services.

At the time of writing this article, the email system of Seyfarth Shaw remained down. Nonetheless, their phone lines remain up, and anyone can contact them via phone details.

For now, the firm hasn’t shared any information regarding the kind of ransomware involved in the attack. Nor they have clarified anything about the demand and payment of the ransom to the attackers.

Recently, Tyler Technologies, a giant software provider also providing services to the US government, also suffered a ransomware attack. They lately confirmed to have paid the demanded ransom as well.

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