TikTok Launches Bug Bounty Program As It Partners With HackerOne

Amidst the US-China-TikTok tussle and security snafus, the Chinese video-sharing app has taken an important step. Specifically, TikTok has launched a dedicated bug bounty program on the popular platform HackerOne.

TikTok Bug Bounty Program

In a recent post, Luna Wu, from TikTok’s Global Security Team, has announced the launch of a bug bounty program.

Elaborating on this decision, Wu stated that their security team continues to work vigilantly for securing TikTok. Also, they already had a vulnerability disclosure program in place. Yet, the bug bounty program will further enhance this process.

We are announcing the expansion of our existing vulnerability disclosure policy to a global public bug bounty program through a partnership with HackerOne. This partnership will help us to gain insight from the world’s top security researchers, academic scholars, and independent experts to better uncover potential threats and make TikTok’s security defenses even stronger.

According to their HackerOne page, the bug bounty program covers security vulnerabilities achieving severity ratings from 0.1 to 10.0. These bugs categorized as low, medium, high, and critical severity flaws, offer bounties starting from $50 to $6900. Whereas, the maximum reward limit for a critical severity bug is $14,800.

Video Guides For Users

Aside from enhancing their own security, TikTok has also announced another step for the users.

Wu explained that TikTok staff and members of the Global Security Team will create a series of videos for the users. Through these videos, they will give tips to the users on securing their accounts.

We also want to arm you with safety tips to protect your internet presence on TikTok and beyond.
As part of this effort, we are launching a series of TikTok videos that show our community how to create strong passwords – in our own sunny-corner-of-the-internet way. The videos feature TikTok employees, including members of our Global Security Team instructing users on how to make complex passwords, use a password manager to better secure their accounts, and more.

Users can find these videos at https://www.tiktok.com/@tiktoktips.

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