PC Gaming Basics: Gears and Accessories You Need

It’s exciting when someone buys a new computer. They need to have a quality monitor, plus a keyboard and mouse. Added to that may be a printer or external speakers. If a decent desk has been obtained and a comfortable computer chair, the experience should be complete. 

When people move into the world of computer gaming, a different collection of items is needed. Each accessory will be of importance, but when they are combined they help provide an enhanced gaming experience. We will now discuss some of the key things a PC gamer will need to buy. 

A Mousepad

No matter how good the computer mouse is, it will be ineffective without a decent mouse pad. These days it’s possible to buy them with enhanced gripping action to keep them firmly on the table. Some are washable, which is a real benefit considering gamers may get hot and sweaty during hours of gameplay. The edges of mouse pads often get worn in time, so any product featuring anti-fray stitching would also be worth considering.  People want more choice these days when they buy. When looking for mouse pads many people want to customize them. They don’t just want quality, comfort, and speed. They also want to upload their own images and choose the actual dimensions. In some cases, gamers use extended mouse mats that support the keyboard as well as the mouse. They usually cover the whole table. Not only do such products tightly grip the surface, but they also help contain the impact when gamers strike the keys during mid-action. 

The Mouse

If someone is playing a military game, they will want a mouse that is highly quick and responsive. If there is too much friction on the mat, it could cost a virtual life. Many gamers favor a mouse that has minimal buttons. Some products enable people to amend the dpi during high action moments. 

If a mouse is cordless it will rely on sensors and wireless connectivity. In the early days there used to be quite a time lag as a result. Fortunately for gamers, these products have been improved. People also appreciate a mouse that allows for left as well as right-handed game players. 

Note, there are PC monitors that are worth buying and affordable. You can see the lists at: https://www.vssmonitoring.com/best-budget-gaming-monitor/.

A Webcam And Microphone

When people play online gaming they need more than just a computer. Whilst many monitors have built-in webcams, it would be worth investing in a quality one. Think of all the podcasters and Youtubers who have achieved fame.  Besides such things as vlogging, there’s also the world of twitch streaming, where people can watch you play and even interact with you during gameplay. In some cases, people have been able to make thousands of dollars doing this very thing. A little investment here might pay off in the longer term. 

If someone buys a microphone they will have the choice of buying a dynamic or condenser type. Dynamic microphones are more suited to game playing as they can cope with sudden loud noises. A microphone stand would also be needed to free up the gamer’s hands. 

The Gaming Keyboard

This will need to be both rugged and sturdy. The keys should be tactile. Some keyboards feature a red backlight for enhanced gameplay. 

If a keyboard features a cushion along the bottom this will help support the player’s wrists. This is well worth considering when playing for several hours. (Think about all the people with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome who attribute their issues to extended keyboard use at work). 

A Headset And Built-In Microphone

Some headphones feature a surround sound effect. This can be really beneficial, considering the various sounds that gamers need to hear. There will be the music that plays in the background, the voices of online rivals, and the distant sounds of approaching soldiers. Ear comfort is very important when people play games for extended periods of time. The ear cushioning needs to be gentle to avoid irritation. If the material is breathable it will reduce the chance of the fabric becoming wet with sweat. 

It is possible to buy headset holders for attaching to the side of the desk, to help free up space and keep the area tidy. Some gaming headsets will also work on a person’s Xbox or Playstation console. 

There are several other aspects worth researching, such as gaming chairs to maximize neck and back support. Some games are more fun when using a controller rather than a keyboard and mouse, such as racing or old fashioned console games. When someone has an array of equipment and accessories, they will have the perfect environment for many hours of fun gameplay with others. 

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