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TaskRabbit Reset Passwords After Credential Stuffing Attack

by Abeerah Hashim

One more time, TaskRabbit has made it to the news. However, the issue isn’t as severe this time as in the past. Reportedly, the firm noticed an unusual activity on its network after which TaskRabbit reset passwords.

TaskRabbit Disclosed Credential Stuffing Attack

Recently, the online marketplace and labor hiring platform TaskRabbit has suffered a cybersecurity incident.

The news surfaced online as various customers flooded the social media about receiving emails from TaskRabbit asking to change passwords. Some users even questioned the company whether it has faced a data breach.

Certainly, the users weren’t wrong in asking such questions since TaskRabbit had previously suffered a breach in 2018.

However, this time, it seems things weren’t so severe. According to TechCrunch, TaskRabbit reset customers’ passwords after a credential stuffing attack.

In such attempts, the attacks try to break into users’ accounts by matching known or breached usernames and passwords with users’ accounts on a target website.

TaskRabbit Reset Passwords As Precaution

In its statement to TechCrunch, a TaskRabbit spokesperson confirmed that they have reset users’ passwords out of caution.

We acted in an abundance of caution and reset passwords for many TaskRabbit accounts, including all users who had not logged in since May 1, 2020, as well as all users who logged in during the time period of the attack, even though most of the latter activity was attributable to users’ regular use of our services.

So, now, all users who have received that somewhat vague email from TaskRabbit should trust the email’s legitimacy. Also, they should make sure to (now) set unique passwords to their accounts, something they don’t use on any other account. It’s especially important given the increase of cyber attacks due to password reuse.

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