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RIAA Enforces Tight Measures on Torrent Sites and YouTube-Ripping Platforms

by Mic Johnson

The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) is currently enforcing measures to curb the activities of several online platforms that are suspected to be violating music copyright regulations. This comes after recent subpoenas to Namecheap and Cloudflare with the demand that they surrender all the data they hold on more than 40 torrent platforms, YouTube Ripping sites, and other streaming pages. 

The popularity of online video platforms such as YouTube is uncontested, with over 73 percent of adult users in the United States making use of the forum. According to RIAA, illegal practices have impacted the authenticity of such a legitimate platform in a rather negative fashion. There are numerous piracy infested websites that RIAA intends on closing down in the long run. However, this entails a massive collection of data to document appropriately on the sites that need to be monitored. 

File Hosting and Torrenting Websites 

RIAA believes that YouTube Ripping sites are among the top piracy-related platforms, but that doesn’t take anything away from the list of torrents that could be on RIAA’s radar. Among the top torrent sites is 1337x.com, which is a constituent of the Cloudflare application. Cloudflare will now have to give all the information on the torrenting platform due to the subpoena. This list also names TorrentDownloads.me, which is among the most widely popular torrent platforms. 

The platform is alleged to have violated individual artists’ copyrights, such as One Direction, Drake, and Ed Sheeran. Music files aren’t that big, and that is why they are easily hosted on such platforms. Therefore, it isn’t surprising to find that torrent sites fall in that category. Currently, pirated videos attract about 230 billion views annually, which tells you how big of a deal this issue is to RIAA. Other platforms affected by this move include Hexupload.net, DoUploads.net, and Ddownload.com.

Focus on YouTube Rippers

RIAA is adamant about eradicating all YouTube Ripping sites and other related platforms. It is expected that the subpoenas will keep targeting such channels, with even the most established ones falling victim to this new directive. 

Y2Mate.com is one such platform that has amassed massive popularity among the top most popular YouTube Ripping platforms today. It accumulates massive user traffic that can go up to 1130 million hits in a month. This one, too, has been a victim of this latest subpoenas. RIAA had already issued subpoenas to Namecheap and Cloudflare a few months back but is now bringing in the second wave of subpoenas.  

Popularity Statistics

The pressure from RIAA seems to have little effect on Y2Mate.com, which has shown some staggering user statistics this year. The traffic has substantially increased by almost twice what it was last year if you look at it from a monthly traffic angle. Y2Mate was also on RIAA’s hit list together with YouTube-DL, for allegedly going around YouTube’s terms of security and copyright policies. 

Another platform under scrutiny is Notube.net, which is more popularly known as YouTube Converter. A few months back, this platform was getting traffic of up to 24 million visits every month, which is now down to 16 million users. Another service is YouTubeConverter.io that accumulates visits of about 3 million users every month. It will prove to be a significant challenge for these platforms if RIAA succeeds in its operation.

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