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Wind River Systems Discloses A Security Breach Upon Detecting Unidentified File Downloads

by Abeerah Hashim
Wind River Systems security breach

Wind River Systems, an American software company, has recently disclosed a security breach. The company suspects a potential exposure of sensitive personal information as it detected unauthorized file downloads.

Wind River System Security Breach

Reportedly, the embedded systems software development company Wind River has suffered a security breach. In a security notice filed to the Office of the Attorney General, California, the company’s Chief People Officer shared details of the security incident.

As revealed, the firm noticed downloading of some files from the company network that potentially included sensitive information.

Our outside experts recently determined that some of your personal information would have been available within one or more files that were downloaded from our network on or about September 29, 2020.

Regarding the type of information potentially exposed through this incident, the CPO explained that it included “varied information maintained within personnel records”. Specifically, it could include birth dates, social security numbers, national ID numbers, social insurance, drivers’ license numbers, passport/visa numbers, financial data, and health records.

Investigations Underway

Upon noticing the incident, the company immediately involved law enforcement and experts to investigate the matter.

For now, they assure no misuse of the breached information.

We have no indication that any information in these files has been misused. Recent searches by our experts did not uncover any of those files online.

Following the security breach, the company has jazzed-up its cybersecurity status by implementing new methods and deploying additional monitoring tools. Also, they advise the users to remain careful about their credit monitoring.

However, it remains unclear how exactly the attackers accessed those files, what was their possible intention, and what type of intrusion it was. Also, the firm has not revealed any exact number of people potentially affected during this incident.

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