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Ziggy Ransomware Shuts Down a Week After Fonix Ransomware Quit

by Abeerah Hashim
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One more threat seemingly steps back from the realm of malware as Ziggy ransomware shuts down. As announced, the ransomware not only quits operations but has also released the decryption keys. This news appears a week after another ransomware Fonix quitted operations and released the decryption keys.

Ziggy Ransomware Shuts Down

A security researcher M. ShahPasandi, Ziggy ransomware shuts down after an abrupt announcement.

As revealed, the ransomware admin announced this shutdown via a newly created Telegram channel.

Regarding what motivated them for this shutdown, the admins expressed their guilt for the malicious conduct. As stated in the announcement,

We are very sad about what we did.

Besides, in an interview with Bleeping Computer, they revealed that they started off this criminal activity to make money as they lived in a ‘third-world country’. However, out of their guilt and the recent LEA operations against Emotet and NetWalker ransomware, Ziggy admins decided to step back.

Apart from quitting the ransomware operations, the ransomware admins also released the decryptor (VirusTotal). Ironically, the decryptor also appears malicious to many antimalware engines.

Perhaps, victims of Ziggy ransomware could instead use the safe decryptor released by Emsisoft recently.

Fonix Ransomware Departed A Week Ago

A week before Ziggy, another ransomware also shut down its operations for somewhat similar reasons.

The Fonix Ransomware, also named Xinof and FonixCrypter, started its activities in June 2020. Yet, it remained under the radar only to jazz up its activities in November 2020.

However, the ransomware admins recently announced the closure of their operations via a tweet. Moreover, they also released the decryptor tools and decryptions keys for all.

In subsequent tweets on the newly created account, the admin pledged to instead work positively in the future in addition to apologizing to all victims.

At least we have Special apology for all infected systems users. To make up for our mistakes , We will launch a malware analyze website soon To use our abilities in positive ways. “We cannot despair of humanity, Since we ourselves are human begins”

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