Finnish IT Firm TietoEVRY Shut Down Following Ransomware Attack

Another technology company has fallen prey to a cyber attack. This time, the victim is a Finnish IT firm TietoEVRY that has suffered a ransomware attack. Following the incident, the firm had to shut down its services as it continues with the investigations.

TietoEVRY Suffered Ransomware Attack

Recently, a Norwegian media source has disclosed a ransomware attack on TietoEVRY.

As revealed, Geir Remman, communication director at the firm, has confirmed that TietoEVRY has suffered issues with numerous technical services due to ransomware. The firm provides these services for its 25 customers.

Sharing these details in a press release, TietoEVRY stated,

Monday 22nd of February 2021 TietoEVRY experienced technical challenges in several services that we deliver to 25 customers within retail, manufacturing and service-related industries. Investigations showed that the incident was caused by a ransomware attack, and hence we consider it as a serious criminal act.

Following the incident, the firm had to shut down the impacted systems to prevent the spread of infection.

Besides, they also reported the matter to the local authorities including NSM, police, and NorCert.

Also, they have informed their customers about the cybersecurity incident. As they continue with the investigations, they keep sharing the details with them.

What Next?

For now, the firm hasn’t shared any further details as they continue with the investigations. Therefore, it isn’t clear how the attackers managed to target the firm, what was the specific ransomware behind this attack, and how much was the ransom demand.

Yet, what’s clear is that the company has no plans to pay the attackers. Rather they have transparently involved the police and other authorities in investigations.

TietoEVRY is a giant Finnish IT firm that has its presence in over 80 countries with 24,000 employees.

With this incident, TietoEVRY simply joins the other technology firms that have suffered a cyber attack. Nonetheless, they do appear different from the other two victim firms, Cognizant and Tyler Technologies, that surrendered to the attackers and paid the ransom.

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