Stratus Technologies, Sierra Wireless Suffered Ransomware Attacks

Once again, criminal hackers have targeted two corporate giants to make money by holding their systems hostage. This time, reports of two separate ransomware attacks have surfaced online that targeted Stratus Technologies and Sierra Wireless IoT manufacturer firms. Following these attacks, both the firms had to go offline.

Stratus Suffered Ransomware Attack

Recently, the technology and computing giant Stratus Technologies has fallen prey to a ransomware attack.

As disclosed in a security notice, the firm suffered a cyber attack on March 17, 2021 Upon detecting the incident, the firm quickly pulled the affected systems offline in a bid to isolate them from the network.

Also, out of caution, Stratus pulled Active Service Network (ASN) and Stratus Service Portal offline.

Besides, they have also reported the matter to the relevant authorities for investigations.

For now, details about the type of ransomware, the extent of the attack, and the ransom demand remain undisclosed.

Sierra Wireless Also Victim To Ransomware Attack

In a separate incident, another technology giant (other than Stratus) Sierra Wireless suffered a ransomware attack.

Sharing the details via a press release, the IoT maker confirmed to have suffered the attack on its IT systems. Consequently, upon detecting the attack, they had to pull their systems offline.

Regarding the extent of the attack, they confirmed that the attack impacted its manufacturing sites that they had to halt. Also, the firm experienced the impact on the company website as well.

Following the incident, the firm started investigations involving third-party advisors and managed to address the matter.

Sierra Wireless assured that the affected internal systems remained separated from the customer-facing products.

The company has pledged to restart its production soon.

Whereas, they haven’t presently shared any details about the ransomware attack. As per a spokesperson’s statement to Bleeping Computer,

Beyond notifying the third-party advisors, our customers and others impacted by the attack, we do not share our protocols for dealing with any ransomware attacks as this is considered highly sensitive and confidential.

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