Why is it crucial to have top-notch UI/UX for a web app in 2020?

Thinking about what a website or an app should be in 2020, people rarely come to any consensus. However, there are no doubts about the necessity of fast performance, which is achieved, among other things, by well-designed UI and UX. That’s why entrepreneurs turn to a UI UX agency in an attempt to bring their web application design to perfection.

These days, the line between the usefulness of a product and the way it is presented has been completely erased. Of course, the quality of a product remains the most important parameter that determines success in the long run. But, massive digitalization of society, an increase in mobile traffic, and an abundance of in-app advertising opportunities have led to the fact that even a low-quality product can be successful at the first stage of sales.

For this reason, effective processing of incoming traffic and converting it into sales becomes the most important parameter. The 2016 Google research showed that more than half of users are ready to close a website if it loads for over 3 seconds. Needless to say, this trend only strengthened these days. In 2020, the user is more likely to choose a web app that loads and brings value faster. Therefore, the role of top-notch UI/UX design can hardly be overestimated.

The role of UI and UX design in web business

The first priority of any business is to meet the needs of a client with maximum benefits for both parties. In the case of web applications, this goal is achieved by providing the user with value in the most convenient and fastest way.

Today, users have a huge selection of solutions to almost any issue. Therefore, battles for user attention are becoming tough. Attracting the attention of customers, making them visit your website, launching your application, and ensuring that your product stands out from the competitors — these are the reasons why you need cutting-edge UI/UX design.

How exactly does design help your business?

In addition to better performance of apps or websites, design helps to improve a number of areas that are extremely important in 2020. One of the best options to ensure all of this is to hire experienced and reliable San Antonio website designers at Digital Silk.

First impression

As we said above, making the first impression is more important today than bringing real value. Catchy design helps a product stand out from the competitors and lures users to check your web application.

Customers’ Loyalty

With immense competition in the webspace, user loyalty becomes a critical factor. Loyalty originates from a positive user experience. In this case, it is not enough just to solve the main problem of a user and bring value. You need to ensure that the process of using your product is smooth and enjoyable.

In order to achieve this, designers create a customer journey map and follow it an endless number of times until they remove all elements that may cause user inconvenience. Doing so helps to make the customer’s interaction with the app smooth and issue-free.

Budget Optimization

Investing in good UI/UX design can truly help cut costs down the road. Even more so, statistically, you can expect a return of $10-$100 for every dollar invested in design. This is achieved by creating prototypes and templates that are tested by real users even before the actual app development starts.

Many think that undertaking design during the first stages of development will incur additional costs that won’t pay off. It is a myth. By taking the time to develop and test a prototype, and then analyze feedback, the company protects itself from costly changes in the structure of the finished product in the future.

Increased Security

One of the most pressing problems of modern digital business is security. Web applications, especially those that interact with personal data of users, are obliged to ensure the utmost protection of this data. And designers can also contribute.

Let’s suppose you need to inform the user that they should create a more complex password for their own security. Designers know how to make this message less annoying. In addition, UI/UX designers participate in devising security forms that will be used by customers to report any problem, spam, or phishing attack.

Finally, the GDPR law, introduced in the European Union in 2018, obliges companies to comply with regulations in order to provide additional security to EU-based users. Basically, it concerns any data that is generated during the interaction with an app or a website. From now on, all this data, even if it is stored on third-party resources, must be protected by the data operator.

Users should be able to find out where their data is stored and demand that it is deleted. To do this, companies often ask designers to create separate pages in the application or on the website, where users can manage their personal data. This is one of those pages where intuitive and fast UX is crucial since the data issue is indeed sensitive.

In conclusion

The benefits that both users and companies receive from high-quality well-developed UX and UI help all stakeholders build trust-based relationships. It is safe to say that top-notch UI/UX design is as important today as it was before. And definitely, it will be important in the future.

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