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Rapid7 Admit Suffering An Impact Due To Codecov Breach

by Abeerah Hashim
Rapid7 Monday.com Codecov breach

Codecov reported a devastating supply-chain attack in April. Yet, after almost a month, the victims of this cybersecurity incident continue to emerge. Recently, Rapid7 have confirmed suffering a security breach in the aftermath of the Codecov cyber attack.

Rapid7 Disclosed Codecov Supply-Chain Attack Impact

Cybersecurity firm Rapid7 has recently confirmed a breach due to the Codecov supply-chain attack.

As elaborated in their security update, Rapid7 continued investigating their environment for a possible impact since knowing the Codecov breach.

Eventually, they could confirm that the attackers had managed to access some of their source code repos. As stated in the update,

A small subset of our source code repositories for internal tooling for our MDR service was accessed by an unauthorized party outside of Rapid7.
These repositories contained some internal credentials, which have all been rotated, and alert-related data for a subset of our MDR customers.

Rapid7 has informed the small subset of customers affected during this breach. Besides, they assure that the incident did not affect other information.

Through our investigation, we have found no evidence of access of our Insight platform or products, nor access to any customer data sent through or stored in either.

Before Rapid7  disclosed about the impact due to Codecov breach, Twilio – a cloud communications platform, Confluent – a cloud service provider, and Coalition Inc. – a cyber insurance company, have also made similar disclosures.

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