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Microsoft Announce Powerful New Threat Detection Solution in Azure

by Mic Johnson

Microsoft has announced new ‘seamless’ integration between their two services: Azure Firewall and Azure Sentinel.

Azure Firewall is a Cloud-native network security service. It is a stateful firewall as a service (FaaS), with unlimited scalability, and Threat intelligence-based filtering. Azure Sentinel is an intelligent security analytics service – it can collect data across users, devices, applications, and infrastructure, and on multiple cloud environments. It can easily detect, investigate, and respond to threats with the help of Microsoft’s threat intelligence.

Microsoft state that this new integration will make for much more powerful protection against advanced threats,

“Combining prevention and detection allows you to ensure that you both prevent sophisticated threats when you can, while also maintaining an “assume breach mentality” to detect and quickly respond to cyberattacks.”

This new solution should definitely come as very good news to a lot of people. TechQuarters, for example, are a company that provide IT support in London, but they are also a Microsoft Gold Partner. “Aside from London IT support, our other big service is Microsoft licensing,” says TechQuarters, “a lot of our customers want Azure Sentinel and Firewall as a Service.”

Microsoft Azure Firewall & Sentinel Integration

Figure 1: Azure Firewall Solutions for Sentinel (Preview)

Microsoft have made it so that this solution is available in the Azure Sentinel marketplace, and can be deployable in just a few clicks in Azure Sentinel:

“Deploying the solution is simple. You can find it in the “Solutions” blade in your Azure Sentinel workspace, called the “Azure Firewall Solution for Azure Sentinel.”

With this new integration solution, users of Azure Sentinel will have some powerful new capabilities at their disposal. This includes: 1) Monitoring and visualising Firewall activities; 2) AI-assisted threat detection & investigation; and 3) Automating response and correlation to other sources.

“As an IT support London provider, we know the importance of top-level security,” says TechQuarters, “and this new solution is powerful. The integration of threat detection and threat prevention is a step up, and will make the monitoring and protection of not only our networks, but our customers’ networks, much more effective.

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