How to Recover Lost Files after Virus Attack

For computer users, the worst thing that can ever happen to them is a virus attack. Have you lost valuable files due to the virus attack and rack your brains on how to get them back? There are two methods you can try to recover files from a virus infected hard drive. The 1st solution is with the help of the Command prompt, and the 2nd solution is with the specialized software. Let’s consider all ways to restore files deleted by a virus attack.

Use CMD (Free Method) to Recover Files

The very first thing you can try is to use the CMD (the command prompt). There is no guarantee that you will get the necessary files, but at least you should try to do this. The common situation is the loss of files on USB and memory cards. If you have lost important documents from the external device, plug it into the computer and search for CMD. You should open a command prompt.

Can you see it among the programs? Click on the exe file and go to the recovery process of the data that has been lost due to the malware. The entire process takes several minutes. When it is over, you need to go to the drive and check whether files are on the necessary external device.

Video Tutorial on How to Use CMD:

Have you followed these steps and didn’t get any results? Then, you should try another recovery method that will be much more effective than this one. The second solution will definitely work best for your situation.

Recover Deleted Files after Virus Attack with a Third-party Software

Don’t start panicking if you lose files due to the attack of some viruses. You can recover files deleted by a virus attack using effective software Disk Drill. It will help you restore hidden files from virus infected USB in several easy steps.

Here is an algorithm of actions for you to follow. The good news is that the Disk Drill recovery tool can be used by both beginners and experts as it is very user-friendly and has a simple design. You don’t need any specific knowledge to restore lost files successfully.

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve deleted files accidentally on your own or they have been hidden by a virus; Disk Drill will help you get them back. The program works well for any type of device.

Whenever you need to recover data after a virus attack, follow these steps:

  • Download the program. Everyone can download and use the recovery software for free. Then, install the version you need. Disk Drill can recover files on both Windows and Mac.
  • Choose the drive for scanning. Take into account that there are two types of scanning. The first one is quick, while the second one is a deep scan that may take hours. In more complicated cases, you may need to use a deep scanning tool.
  • Get the findings and look them through. At the stage of preview, you can see all the files that can be restored successfully. If you don’t need to recover the whole folder, choose the individual files for the recovery.
  • After you choose files for the recovery, press the button “Recover.” You should keep in mind that you need to locate the restored files in a new device or drive. Don’t choose the same one that was attacked by the virus.

As you can see, the recovery process isn’t complex at all. You should follow intuitive instructions, and that’s it. Disk Drill has a great feature – a Recovery Vault. It makes it possible to forget about any worries regarding the loss of files. You are recommended to activate this option to protect your files from further loss.

Everyone knows that it is better to prevent the disaster than to cope with the problem later. If you want to avoid the loss of files because of the virus attack or any other reason, take preventive measures. Install Disk Drill and be ready to deal with any situation effectively.


Remember that you shouldn’t go to any unknown links and open emails from unknown users. There is a high probability of losing information because of the malware. There are millions of viruses that may prevent you from getting access to your files. When your USB is infected with a virus, it may infect other devices. That’s why you should take all the necessary measures immediately.

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