How to Secure Your New Motor Vehicle

People invest a good amount of money in their vehicles when they aim to start a business through it. After all, motor vehicles, especially trucks, are not cheap enough, and you need a handsome amount of money to purchase one. And your possessions that demand such a hefty amount also require some security and care. When you buy a new vehicle, make sure to manage the suggestions below.


Your vehicle needs to be registered immediately. The moment you get your motor vehicle booked, contact Massachusetts Dot Number for the easy and hassle-free registration of your car. The organisation would help your company to get your vehicles registered to the FMCSA official lists quickly. They’d take care of all your documentation and processes, and you would not have to worry about your vehicles’ cataloguing anymore. Without dot registration, your car is not safe to hit the road. Thus keep in mind to get your motor vehicle recorded.


After your vehicle has been registered, go for its insurance. When you have a business that deals with trucks and other vehicles, then insurance becomes necessary. Driving the giants on the roads is not a simple task, and to avoid any future mishap, your car should be insured. The insurance not only keeps you safe during any accidental event but also keeps you away from legal processes, financial liabilities, and medical consequences. You can work with any renowned insurance company to get your vehicles settled.

Install Safety Gadgets

For your vehicles to get on the road, the owner of the car or the driver should be assured to install safety gadgets to avoid any situation. These safety gadgets in motor vehicles include seatbelts, anti-lock brake systems, airbags, mirrors lights and for instance, a huge vehicle like a truck should also be equipped with a fire extinguisher. Although while purchasing a vehicle one is quite sure about these gadgets and their durability but still, to be on the safe side, better to monitor the efficiency of your vehicles’ parts regularly and specifically when you are opting for a long route.

VIN Etching

For the vehicles to be used on an organisational level, securing them using the VIN etching method is better. In VIN etching the supplier etches the car’s vehicle identification number (VIN) onto all of the windows and windshield of the car and thus any chances of illegal use of vehicles could be avoided. Every car or vehicle has a specific VIN and this unique number could be found on various parts of the vehicle like door panels, engine, trunk, etc.

Steering Locks

Another important piece of advice to secure your vehicle is to install a steering lock. Several types of locks are available in the market, manual as well as automatic. For huge-sized vehicles, people often prefer to opt for auto-locks for steering. Steering locks get activated when someone tries to move the wheels of the vehicle without a key inserted. It’s difficult to move a truck or any other giant vehicle but for medium-sized vehicles, mini trucks, pick-ups, and others, it is quite easy to move those, and chances of theft increase. Thus inserting a steering lock to protect your vehicle is a must thing to be done.

Wheel Clamps

Another important vehicle securing device is the use of wheel clamps. These clamps hold the vehicle’s wheels tight enough to be moved ad thus bringing the vehicle’s owner at much peace. The installation of these clamps is a task of just a couple of minutes but the security that these clamps provide to you and your vehicle is worth spending some minutes on the installation. These clamps are often in bright colors and thus they give out a clear message to the thieves to stay away from the vehicle.

Install GPS Tracker

In today’s era, we have become facilitated to use the online location through the use of GPS systems. The GPS car trackers today are also fortified with an innovative mobile notification system that delivers real-time notifications of the vehicle’s location and any event that the vehicle engages in through the vibrations detected by the vehicle. These trackers are also a valuable investment for a vehicle’s security.

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