What are online Internet threats

You might be thinking that the only source of online threats are from the web. In reality, the word online threat conveys a more complex message to us. There are numerous sources of weakness, for example one might be using a computer with outdated software for which they could also be vulnerable to online threats.

Cyber criminals can use social engineering techniques to gain access to personal information. Most online victims suffer since they don’t know about the different kind’s of online threats. In this article, we are going to provide a few methods cyber criminals may use as entry points into obtaining user data.

Vulnerability in the OS

To run a computer or smart device, we generally rely on Android, Windows, or Mac operating systems. Most people think that large companies spend millions of dollars to ensure security in the online world, however they don’t realize they can still lose data by falling for basic attacks from hackers.

Some may think they don’t have to worry about security issues. However, in every OS, bugs can exist. The hackers can leverage these bugs or weak spots to target users. To help solve this problem, one must regularly update their operating system.

Bugs and security updates

Many will see that the operating system receives regular updates. This is due to developers working hard to patch said bugs. That is of course only effective if the user updates their software or operating system on a regular basis,

If not then chances are that hackers will gain access to your device and steal data. To avoid such problems, we strongly recommend turning on auto-update features of the operating system as it will save time and improve your security. Many bugs in the OS will also be fixed during the regular update process.

Malicious websites

Many professional security experts suggest using a  premium VPN service provider. Usually, a reputed VPN service provider has a great number of VPN servers and thus gives you the ultimate flexibility to access the internet without leaving a digital footprint.

If you access the browser with a premium VPN service provider, you will get a notification from the VPN application that the website is not trusted. However, such a feature is not available in all VPN. If you have a VPN without such features, there is nothing to worry about as you can easily identify scam sites by assessing the URL. If the URL is presented with a warning from the VPN, it would be wise not to access said websites.

Social engineering

Nowadays, hackers are using humans as the weak link in the chain to gain access to personal information. Avoid connecting with unknown social profiles as the person could be someone with malicious for which they may intend to slowly manipulate you to gain trust. Though this is a complex process, social engineering is a great way to exploit the weakness in users.


Being an active internet user, you should never share your financial details or password. Always remember, you should not trust anyone with your sensitive information. Take smart steps and try to avoid the people who aim to steal sensitive data. Read further articles on social engineering and learn how hackers try to manipulate users.

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