SOAR: What it is, how it works, and its main advantages

Hackers, cybercrime, and online attackers. We as business owners, who share important information with their employees digitally, like data about employees and all information about processes and procedures in SAP systems, experience it every day. But how do we protect ourselves and our SAP systems against cyber threats? These systems are exposed to some risks, every day, which is why there is only one indispensable solution: SAP Cybersecurity like SecurityBridge. It helps to ensure that your system works accordingly and that all your company’s data is protected.

This is where SOAR comes into play. SOAR stands for “Security Orchestration, Automation and Response” and helps protect all important data against potential cyber threats. Such security software can also detect irregularities and trigger an automated response. In the following article, we will show you how SOAR can help you and your company with cybersecurity and how it can improve your process with automated security.

What is SOAR?

As mentioned above, SOAR is short for “Security Orchestration, Automation and Response”. The idea of SOAR is not to replace anything or anyone, but it rather helps organize, carry out and automate people’s and computers’ duties. At the same time, SOAR ensures a safe security operation. SOAR can monitor all important information and data coming in and detect suspicious behavior within the network. Here, it uses a security plan that helps with automating and coordinating workflows.

Advantages of SOAR

Many studies show that more and more companies, especially those working with SAP systems, suffer from cybercrime. With hackers enhancing their abilities and extending their knowledge, this number is expected to grow within the next years. In addition, every company must deal with the latest technology and the dangers that come with it. Storing important company information or data online means that everyone who has access to it can read it.

SOAR can help security teams manage the workflow with automated alert responses by ranking threats according to the severity of the risk and by analyzing its severity. As already mentioned, SOAR is not there to replace people, but to take work off their hands and can be easily integrated into the already existing security system.

In comparison with human work, SOAR can work faster and provides you with more information on how to enhance your company’s cybersecurity. The SOAR solution not only informs you about the potential cyber threat but also sends an email to both the person responsible, to notify them about their action, and the manager. Furthermore, it ends the session of the person responsible, blocks this user’s account, deprives him of any rights, and resets the password.


As Cybersecurity is a very important aspect of SAP systems, it should be monitored regularly. The solution to this problem is SOAR, which can protect you and your company from any kind of cyber threat. It serves as a support for your security team by providing threat monitoring and detailed response to it in real-time.

Most of the time, people working in the company’s security team can recognize dangers but do not know what to do about them and how to respond to them. Hackers are getting smarter as the years go by, which means that companies need to improve their cybersecurity, as well. “Orchestration”, “Automation” and “Response” are important terms in this field. For this, SOAR was invented to help you and your employees with the right response and ensure security for your whole company.

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