Croatian Network A1 Hrvatska Disclosed Data Breach

Croatia’s telecom giant A1 Hrvatska has recently disclosed a cyberattack exposing users’ personal information. Nonetheless, A1 Hrvatska confirmed that the data breach doesn’t affect users’ financial details.

A1 Hrvatska Data Breach

The Croatian mobile network operator giant A1 Hrvatska has publicly disclosed a data breach via a recent press release.

A1 Hrvatska, a part of the Telekom Austria Group, is one of the oldest networks in the region, serving millions of users. The firm is also a strategic partner of Vodafone.

According to the details revealed, the company lately noticed a cyber intrusion into its databases. Investigating the matter confirmed unauthorized access to the userbase, thus compromising users’ personal data.

Regarding the breach information, the firm admitted that the incident exposed users’ first names, last names, addresses, OIB, and telephone numbers. Nonetheless, users’ financial information remained unaffected. As stated in their press release [translated],

We emphasize that information on bank cards and accounts is not compromised because it is not available in the specified database.

Following this incident, the firm reported the matter to the Zagreb law enforcement and forensic experts to investigate the matter.

It remains unclear how the attackers managed to infiltrate the firm’s network.

Nonetheless, the telecom giant did confirm that the breach only affected a subset of their user base. That’s because the firm quickly managed to contain the attack and deploy remedial security measures. They also mentioned informing the affected customers directly about the incident.

Intensive work is being done to establish all the facts related to the security incident, and so far computer forensics has determined that potentially compromised data are less than 10 percent of A1 users.

Besides, the firm also pledged to improve its security environment to better protect consumers’ data.

Notably, a week before this disclosure surfaced online, A1 Hrvatska’s partnering firm Vodafone also suffered a cyberattack. The incident typically targeted Vodafone Portugal, disrupting its services. Nonetheless, the firm quickly detected and contained the attack and restored affected services.

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