Firestick Upgrades: The Best Firestick Enhancement Tips and Apps for 2022

In our ever advancing technological world, we’ve all seen just how fast our entertainment options and the applications we use to access them have changed. In fact, what once took years to develop now only takes a few months. And the options we now have are seemingly endless.

For example, it wasn’t long ago that when you bought a TV, you kept it for many years. But today, with all of the upgrades happening as you read this article, your TV is probably going to be obsolete in less than a year, if it’s not already.

The same holds true for the devices and apps that we use to access our favorite entertainment. And as the Amazon Firestick is one of the most popular devices to access your favorite shows and movies, you probably want to know how to enhance your experience.

With a few simple tips, and with the help of a few apps, you’ll be well on your way to enjoying your Firestick with more features that you’ll love.

The Art of Sideloading

It’s a known fact that there are other devices aside from the Amazon Firestick that offer different apps for accessing content. And sometimes these other apps are exactly what you want, but at the same time, nobody wants to buy another device just to access one or two apps.

If you want to access other apps that aren’t already available on the Firestick, this is where sideloading comes in. And this can be done with a simple sideloading tutorial.

So for what other reasons should you sideload your Firestick? Well, there are other benefits as well, and a few of these are:

  • You don’t have to worry about wireless data charges
  • No restrictions on the content that you can sideload
  • You can easily optimize your content for the Firestick
  • No geographic limitations on content delivery
  • Content can be stored in the device itself

Sideloading is also known as jailbreaking. And despite how it sounds, you’ll get a lot more usability from your device with this process. When you just have to have one of your favorite apps, or if a new app comes out that you really want, sideloading is the way to go so you don’t have to worry about purchasing additional devices.

Cinema APK

The Cinema APK app is a popular app for streaming both movies and TV shows. And this can be a perfect addition to any movie lover’s Firestick.

Cinema APK has developers continuously working on the app, so updates are regularly delivered to enable an enjoyable experience. Additionally, Cinema APK is free and the internal content library is frequently updated which means that you’re able to choose from a variety of new movies and shows.

The interesting part about Cinema APK is that though it doesn’t host any movies or TV shows of its own like Netflix or Amazon, it creates an aggregate of streaming links from multiple servers across numerous locations.

In addition, Cinema APK was created with the Firestick in mind. And this means that the interface works well with all of its functions.


Just like a honeybee bringing food back to its hive, BeeTV is another aggregator that goes out to hunt down content and allows you to watch movies and shows for hours without running out of options.

Recently, BeeTV was one of the most searched apps for Firestick. And this is probably due to its enormous content library. Additionally, the app also regularly searches for new content over hundreds of high-quality streaming services. So there will be no shortage of choices for your entertainment.

BeeTV also features a Real-Debrid sign-in, which allows the app to search for the highest quality streaming movies and shows on servers. And in addition to being able to search for specific shows and movies, the BeeTV app is optimized to bring all of its content to you in high-definition

BeeTV is known for its endless collection of movies and shows. And even with the free app, you won’t be disappointed with the options that you’ll be able to choose from in this vast content library that’s updated daily.

The world of entertainment may have changed dramatically since the days of the black and white television set. But today, with all of the new developments that keep us waiting for more, you’ll have no shortage of entertainment options. And with new apps and Firestick tricks, you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite content even more.

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