Google Release Chrome 102 Browser Update With 32 Bug Fixes

Google have rolled out a major update for its Chrome browser with multiple bug fixes. As reported, Google has addressed over 30 vulnerabilities with Chrome 102 version. Thankfully, it includes no zero-days this time.

Google Chrome 102 Bug Fixes

According to a recent post, Google Chrome 102 has arrived with multiple security bug fixes. Specifically, the tech giant has now addressed 32 different security vulnerabilities affecting its Chrome browser.

The most severe of these bugs is a critical severity vulnerability CVE-2022-1853. It’s a use after free vulnerability in IndexedDB that caught the attention of an anonymous researcher.

Then, the update includes patches for eight different high-severity vulnerabilities, of which two won the researchers hefty bounties. These include,

  • CVE-2022-1854: use after free flaw in the browsers’ ANGLE component – an open-source WebGL backend for Chrome. The researcher SeongHwan Park won a $10,000 bounty for reporting this bug.
  • CVE-2022-1855: this use after free bug in Messaging made an anonymous researcher win a $7500 bounty.

Similarly, the tech giant patched 9 medium severity vulnerabilities. Three of these bugs, CVE-2022-1862, CVE-2022-1863, and CVE-2022-1864, made the researcher win $5000 bounties. Like, six low-severity bug fixes are also included with this update, two of which, CVE-2022-1871 and CVE-2022-1872, allowed the researchers to win $7000 each as a bounty.

Although, like its usual practice, Google hasn’t revealed many details about the bugs to prevent exploitation.

This preventive practice allows users to safely update their devices with the latest versions while barring any threat actors from exploitive attacks. Nonetheless, sometimes, some vulnerabilities catch the threat actors’ attention before any patches, ending up as zero-day.

But thankfully, the latest update mentions no zero-day vulnerability. So, users can easily update their Windows, Mac, and Linux systems. However, given the past history of Google Chrome bug exploits, users must rush and manually check for any updates to receive fixes.

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